Tom Wicky
... is the son of hotelier Tom Wicky
... not to be confused with Wikipedia or hiphop's WickyWicky
... is an American/Swiss expatriate that now hangs his hat in Miami
... spent ten years working and living abroad with jobs in London, Amsterdam, Munich, Melbourne and Vienna.

... is the Founder and Director of ZoomEdge Media a strategy and growth accelerator for digital businesses
... is a local search expert formerly VP Digital at European Directories where he helped define the digital strategy to help save them from extinction
... started his first venture-backed business in the online recruiting space in 1996 before Andreessen graced the cover of Time with no shoes
... can also be found here, here and here if you're into that sort of thing
... was a PR man in a former life and helped navigate public companies through the vagaries of the FDA approval process
... in 1995 placed the first story ever on national TV (CBS Evening News) from a pitch coming over email/via the Internet
... helped bring revolutionary prostate and heart treatments to market with massive trade press and mainstream press coverage.

... is a photographer who captured more imagery of Vienna than necessary and blogged about it at as well as on Flickr
... has a blog National Geographic considers a top resource on Vienna and the United Nations bought images for its brochures
... self-published a book - a photo essay capturing a photo a day for one year in Vienna

... is the husband to and partner in crime with the talented and wonderful Ms. Stephanie Wicky
... is the proud father of the most incredible baby boy on the planet (of course) Rhys Michael Wicky
... has an Irish Terrier Fenway who is so cool he gives hugs to his cat brother Sox and smiles for the camera while posting to Instagram
... thinks this cartoon by Tex Avery is the funniest spot of all time
... once made a 24-hour train journey from Waterford, Ireland to St. Andrews, Scotland without a tee time or golf clubs and shot 83 soaking wet.
... nearly lost it when the Red Sox swept St. Louis for their first World Series title since 1918
... wishes he could play shortstop or hit a golf ball for a living
... could have given The Jerkey Boys a run for their money back in the day
... hacked LodeRunner and Castle Wolfenstein as a kid under the moniker The Thief.

... I've drunk Lemoncello with beautiful Italian women on the cliffs in Cinqueterra, trekked in the Himilayas in Nepal, done Centre Court at Wimbledon with the strawberries
... I've done the Monaco Grand Prix from the penthouse corporate suite and have been inside the ropes with the loopers and the azaleas at The Masters
... I've skied the Alps in St. Moritz and received the star treatment, snapped photos of the Sistine Chapel ceiling and Statue of David and lived to blog about it
... I've grabbed a killer self-portrait on the Great Wall alone at 6am, dined on almejas in the Picos de Europa, and ran a lap in the Coliseum in Athens
... I've swum in the heavenly blue waters of the Blue Grado on Capri, snorkeled in the Great Barrier Reef, and crashed for a week on a remote island in the Maldives
... but I have not yet been to Boise, Idaho.

... once single-handedly using only Notepad and a can of Diet Coke, wrote a webpage at 30,000ft that would make Hugh Gallagher and Derek Powazek proud (thanks).

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